What is it ?

Resistor Case is a DIY pouch with a Velcro enclosure that helps you use your smartphone more responsibly. It's made with carefully selected materials, and backed by research that has been tested in multiple studies and workshops.

why do i need it ?

Be Present

In the classroom and at the dinner table. Behind the wheel and at the meeting. Focus your attention where it needs to be. Rather than putting your smartphone on lockdown, Resistor Case simply makes you think twice. The design is based on research in cognitive psychology and media theory, and it has been tested in multiple experiments and workshops.

Be Crafty

Hammer not included. Resistor Case immerses you in a maker project, letting your hands do something technical without a screen or keyboard. The kit includes a set of critical thinking prompts that turn the case into an object-to-think-with. Be proud of your thinkering, and share it with others. You might end up putting that hammer to more use.

Be Careful

And tread lightly. This case contains water bottles from Haiti. The fabric was manufactured by Thread International, an eco-conscious company that promotes responsible design. Use Resistor Case to start a conversation about recycling, upcycling and e-waste. Maybe you can convince someone to think twice before they upgrade that smartphone

what is thinkering ?

Thinkering is a state of mind. It's all about thinking while making.

Each kit comes with a set of cards to stimulate  thinkering.

How do i get one?

Resistor Case is a grassroots project dedicated to helping people use their devices more carefully.  The kit includes everything you need to make a single case, except for a hammer.  The cost is low because we think everyone should own one. Group kits are available for classroom instruction and team building. We also offer interactive workshops and guest lectures.

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Individual kits are $20 CAD each, including shipping. For multiple kit orders, such as classrooms or offices, contact us for reduced rates. We hand pack each kit and walk it to the post office. Communicate your needs to us, and we will do our best to meet them.

Case studies

Share your Resistor Case stories and designs.

Would you believe the first prototype for Resistor Case started with vinyl, duct tape, and 500 Grade 8 students? Send us your own RC story, and we'll post it here.

Students at St. Mary's make Resistor Cases.

In February of 2018, 250 students made Resistor Cases at St. Mary's High School in Kitchener, Ontario.

Atlantic article on Resistor Case.

The design philosophy of Resistor Case is explained carefully in this Atlantic article.

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Resistor Case is profiled on a CBC News parenting show.

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